Visualisation - Sketch

  • Friday morning
  • Lab type: Presentation
  • 1 EC
  • 7 weeks
  • Input: current design studio
  • Examination: practice related assignment & presentation
  • Elementary knowledge of Adobe software is mandatory
  • This English spoken lab is part of the mandatory First-year programme Architecture & Urban Design
  • First year students have priority

    Freehand sketching is an important instrument to quickly express and render spatial idea’s visible. By looking carefully, by registering and translating the seen into a drawing one trains ones perception skills and develops ones conceptualization skills. By these means sketching becomes an important means for analyzing the structuring of spaces, volumes and elements systematically and for expressing design idea’sideas. This makes sketching also an autonomous medium which can be the end result of a very personal development of perceptive, imaginative and design capacities.