The Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design offers four-year Master’s programmes in Architecture and Urban Design. The Rotterdam Academy is an internationally-oriented Dutch school. While most of our students come from the Netherlands, we also welcome students from abroad visiting the Academy for one year as part of their Master’s in their country of origin. We offer a part of our programme in English, and these elements can be attended by both Dutch and international students. The booklet in the attached document provides information about the educational model and study culture at the Rotterdam Academy.

Enrolment international students
We offer part of our Master programme in Architecture in English. International students can attend English-spoken design studios, laboratory sessions and lectures. The programme can be attended by both Dutch students and international students wishing to study at the Academy for one year as part of a Master’s programme in Architecture or Urban Design being followed in their country of origin.

This program is only open to students from within European Economic Region (EER) due to the “working and learning” teaching model in combination with rules set by the government that hinder exchange programmes involving students from outside the EER.

Contact & information

Please contact our student office - info@ravb.nl - for further information about studying at the Rotterdam Academy and enrolment for students from within and outside the European Economic Region.