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Lecture Edwin Zwakman

vrijdag 22 september, 17:00
Lecture Edwin Zwakman

Edwin Zwakman’s projects employ staged photography with miniature models, augmented reality installations and architectural objects in public space. They are set to challenge our perception of the world around us, exploring the mentality that lies beneath the rational grids of man-made infrastructure, architecture and urban planning. Zwakman has shown in both Venice and Taipei Biennales, Van Abbe Museum, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Ludwig Forum Aachen, Aperture New York, Neues Museum Nürnberg, OCAT Shanghai, etc. His recent project ‘At Night I See the Future’ shifts his explorations to an apocalyptic view of what our world might look like in a hundred years. As in his previous works, his focus lies neither with the spectacular, nor the grand narrative. It is the banality of everyday life that at the end of the day constitutes the reality of even the most cataclysmic events.

Edwin Zwakman is invited to the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture by Claudio Saccucci and Roxane van Hoof of Studio Verter, who are currently teaching the studio Making a Scene.

EMERGO, 2022, augmented reality installation near Culemborg, size: 1.8x 2,9 kilometres.

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