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Juliane Greb (Büro Juliane Greb)

vrijdag 24 mei, 17:00
Lecture Juliane Greb (Büro Juliane Greb)

Büro Juliane Greb is an architectural practice dedicated to anti-exclusive architecture, which is accessible in a social, physical and emotional sense.

In 2022, Büro Juliane Greb and Summacumfemmer were awarded the DAM Architecture Prize for their cooperative housing project “San Riemo” in Munich-Riem. The practice recently received recognition in Belgium with the project VDK&Cube4 factory, featured in the Flanders Architectural Review.

San Riemo, Munich

Juliane Greb and Petter Krag together with ARCH+ and Summacumfemmer curated the German pavilion at the 18th Biennale Architettura di Venezia in 2023. The exhibition “Open for Maintenance / Wegen Umbau geöffnet” explored topics such as repair, maintenance, and care, as well as new alliances and forms of solidarity in architectural practice.

Open for Maintenance

In addition to her architectural practice, Juliane Greb has contributed to the theoretical discourse on affordable and community-oriented housing, including on the editorial team of ARCH+. In recent years she has been teaching at the UAntwerp and TU Delft, and is holding the International Visiting Professorship at the PBSA Düsseldorf.

Burö Juliane Greb was founded in 2015 by Juliane Greb and has been run in partnership with Petter Krag since 2017.

Entrance to this public lecture is free.

Open for Maintenance




House Krücke

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