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Lecture Klaus Philipsen (Archplan)

vrijdag 17 maart, 17:00
Lecture Klaus Philipsen (Archplan)

Klaus Philipsen, FAIA, a Baltimore architect, urban planner and transportation expert will explain how Baltimore is continually reinventing itself from initially being an industrial town to one concerned with “eds and meds” and the creative class to one now occupied by equity and climate resilience questions.

Klaus will use his professional projects and volunteer engagements to show how infrastructure and mobility plays a major role in climate resilience and equity.

Examples include the future of Baltimore’s “highway to nowhere”, a fragment of an urban expressway that destroyed an African American community and is now receiving a federal “reconnecting communities” grant; the Red Line, a planned $3billion urban light rail killed in 2015 by a Republican Governor and now attempted to be resurrected by a New Democrat Governor; how Baltimore’s famous HarborPlace can be reinvented by taming the surrounding roadways; and how a citywide greenway network is not loved by all sides.

Time: 17.00h

Location: Rotterdam Academy of Architecture, Pieter de Hoochweg 129.

Free entrance, register here.

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