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Lecture Stephen Taylor

vrijdag 19 april, 17:00h
Lecture Stephen Taylor

Stephen Taylor Architects was founded in 1993 in London and opened a studio in Paris in 2021. With a continuing commitment to architecture’s social dimension, as well as its capacity for artistic and cultural expression, STA recognises the collective process by which buildings and cities are made as part of an ongoing economic, social and cultural continuum. The office shows a strong concern for the direct emotional effect that architecture can have through its physical and pictorial presence, material association and constructional directness. An architecture that can be consensual whilst catalytic, mundane yet dramatic. We are committed to the craft of sustainable construction and the research of new technologies in pursuit of making buildings that fulfil not only our clients’ expectations of space, light and air, but also economic and efficient procurement and environmental responsibility.

Stephen Taylor is invited to talk about his office’s housing projects within the context of the academy’s currently running studio The Venetian Palazzo, led by Hans van der Heijden, Theo van de Beek and Remy Jansen.

This is a publicly accessible lecture in English. Entrance is free.

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