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Tuesday March 1 episode three of lecture series Baltimore+ Rotterdam

Online lecture series Baltimore+Rotterdam: Designing Cities
Episode three: Pavlina Ilieva and David ter Avest
Tuesday March 1 18u CET – please register in advance

Each week this spring, two design groups, one from Baltimore (Maryland, USA) and one from Rotterdam (the Netherlands), pair up to discuss architecture, urban design, and how design and policy can improve the built environment for all residents. We will observe how different architecture offices operate, to design in the city and improve the inhabitants’ experience of space. This is a unique opportunity to hear how different types of architecture firms approach design in two cities with similar historical legacies (working class cities with port industries).

Tuesday March 1 at 12pm ET (US), 6pm CET (Netherlands), the third episode features architectural designer Pavlina Ilieva (Baltimore) and David ter Avest  (Rotterdam). This event is moderated by Thijs van Spaandonk, Head of Urban Design at the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design.

Designers have been paired up to reflect similarities in size, projects and methodology. Through presentations, moderated dialogues, and exchanges with the audience, we will explore if and how the environment (historical, political, economical, social, environmental, economies, …) is truly determinant to the fail or success of a project and what that really means for the city, its residents and their well-being.

This series is designed and coordinated by Cristina Murphy, Assistant Professor at Morgan State University School of Architecture + Planning (MSU SA+P) and Adjunct Professor at Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design’s Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center.

For more info on this episode and the coming lectures, click here.